Chiltern District Local Plan

Local Plan - The 17 Questions

Question 1: Do you have any comments on the definition of housing and functional economic market areas being used, on the draft Buckinghamshire Housing and Economic Development Needs (HEDNA) or on the needs assessment work planned during the next stages of the Joint Local Plan process?

Question 2: Do you have any comments on the draft Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA), particularly in relation to whether included sites are likely to be deliverable by 2036 and whether additional sites should be added?

Question 3: Are there existing uses/sites not currently identified in the HELAA and within the built-up areas that may be surplus to requirements or where the existing use could be consolidated or re-provided elsewhere such as open spaces, sports and leisure uses?

Question 4: Do you agree with the approach to the Joint Local Plan Vision and Objectives and if not what changes or additions do you consider are needed? Please explain your reasoning for suggesting any alterations.

Question 5: What spatial strategy option or options do you think the councils should consider and what should be the priority order? Are there any other spatial strategy options that the Joint Plan should consider and why?

Question 6: Do you have comments on individual options generally or specific settlements/site options that could be part of these options?

Question 7: Do you have comments on the suggested level of unmet needs in Chiltern/South Bucks?

Question 8: Do you have any comments or suggestions on how the councils can meet its local affordable housing need?

Question 9: Do you have any comments on the above options to meet the needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople?

Question 10: How do you think the Joint Local Plan can best meet specialist elderly accommodation needs, both in term of general and affordable needs?

Question 11: Do you have a view on the Heritage Strategy – for example views on our local heritage assets, how heritage contributes to quality of life and our sense of place and community.?

Question 12: Are you aware of any currently unprotected local heritage assets that should be identified and if so why is the heritage asset important locally?

Question 13: Local Green Space designations can be made as part of the Local Plan and so local residents, community groups and other local stakeholders are asked to identify areas that they would like to be considered. Importantly any nomination should include supporting evidence.

Question 14: Do you have any nominations for Local Measures?

Question 15: Do you have a view on the scope of policies proposed in Appendix 7.

Question 16: Do you have any comments on the Settlement Infrastructure Capacity Study, infrastructure needs or issues and CIL?

Question 17: Do you have any other points you would like the councils to take into account in the preparation of the Joint Local Plan? For example are there any challenges or opportunities you think the new Joint Local Plan will need to address?