Chiltern and South Bucks
Districts Local Plan

The Council has started preparing a new (emerging) Local Plan for Chiltern District.
The Local Plan will set out policies used to determine planning applications, site allocations or propose new development (e.g. housing or employment) and broader land designations (e.g. Green Belt areas).

Examination (now postponed, due to virus)

(See the C&SB website for full details). The Examination of the Plan will take place between 17th & 27th March at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Beaconsfield, and is structured around a set of questions (Matters, Issues and Questions) which the inspectors have addressed to the C&SB planners. The hearings are scheduled to run over 5 days, divided up as follows -

MIQ1 - Compliance with the Act, Sustainability appraisal
MIQ1 - Compliance (continued), MIQ2 Objectively Assessed Needs
MIQ3 - Spatial Strategy
MIQ4 - Development in the Green Belt, Green Belt Villages
MIQ5 - Residential and Employment Site Allocations

MIQ1-5 are pages indexing the replies of various parties (includine C&SB planners, Brown not Green and Chesham Renaissance) to the questions posed by the inspectors, and (presumably) form the basis for discussions at each examination session.

Planning Forum

Held in the Lowndes Room, 10-Mar-2020; documents -


CPRE Letter

CPRE Buckinghamshire have written to the leaders of Buckinghamshire, Chiltern and South Bucks councils, urging the Councils "to withdraw the current plan and apply the saved resources to start work now on a new Unitary Plan that recognises the changed world in which we now live" - on several grounds, including the new Environment Bill, changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, the need to combat Climate Change, and the practical issues arising from the change to a Unitary authority. The Open Letter was accompanied by a Press Release from CPRE.

This society is a signatory of the letter, as are our colleagues in Brown not Green. While some have argued that 'any plan is better than no plan', it is the opinion of the committee that the impact of the existing C&SB plan on Chesham is so dire that this is not the case.

Following publication of the letter, the newly elected MP for Beaconsfield (Joy Morrissey) indicated her support for this initiative, saying "We need a South Bucks Local Plan that works for everyone, not just developers. I would strongly urge that the plan be withdrawn." This resulted in a further Letter to the Councils and Press Release.

CPRE received this response, which leaves most of our concerns unaddressed.

Consultation, June-Aug 2019

The council is currently consulting on the latest version of the plan, before it goes before a planning inspector. Details of the plan are given on the council website. A guide to responding, and the reaction of this society and other local bodies, can be found here.

Chesham Society Meeting

Held to discuss the plan, with Brown not Green, Chesham Renaissance - details

Green Belt under Attack

Despite the concerted opposition to any building on the local green belt which was expressed at the initial consultation, the latest 'consultation' seeks our views on which green belt areas should be released for development. Green Belt land may only be released for sustainable development, and in exceptional circumstances. The council proposals do not meet either condition.

The consultation proposals

Green Belt development options on the CDC website; this section deals with Lye Green. Note that flood risk is the only infrastructure issue considered, while other areas have had a far wider range of objections discussed.

("Consultation responses received in the consultation period are now being processed and analysed to inform decisions on a draft Local Plan." - but have not been published ? 6/11/17 )

What you can do -

  1. See this presentation about how to respond to the latest consultation
  2. See the CDC local plan pages, and respond, by 12th December !
  3. Visit the Lye Green residents' web site, for the latest updates, and sign their petition.
  4. Support Our Vision - below

Our Vision

See our video for the societies Vision for Chesham, and our Response to the first Consultation. The results of this consultation are available here.

Model of the proposal to revitalise the town centre;
more details in this presentation.


What is the Local Plan?

Town Meeting

Chesham Society/Town Meeting, 26th Feb

Introduction to the Plan - CDC presentation to the Chesham Society meeting (17th February).

Details of the plan and ongoing consultation can be found on the CDC website - "Emerging Local Plan".

The consultation attracted over 5000 responses. The society issued this press release.

The Consultation

The first round of the consultation ended on 14th March.CDC has now published a Summary of Responses ; individual replies can be found from this page.

The Main Consultation Document (Initial Consultation Regulation 18) lists the proposals under consideration; here are the '17 questions' it contains. Answer as many as you choose.

Other important documents are

Buckinghamshire Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment

The HEDNA document ( Full or Executive Summary ) provides "the robust and strategic evidence base required to establish the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for housing in the Housing Market Area (HMA)" in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Figure 6 (page 19) illustrates the functional housing market areas (HMAs) and functional economic market areas (FEMAs) that the study identified.

The study sought to

The Chiltern and South Bucks Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and National Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) require every local planning authority to assess the amount of land that is available for housing and economic development in its area. This is known as the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). The Draft HELAA will provide part of the ongoing the evidence base for the Chiltern and South Bucks Emerging Local Plan 2014-36. It will:

At this stage the draft HELAA only considers sites within built areas or on previously developed land in the Green Belt. Other options identified through the Green Belt Assessment Phase 1 and Local Plan Regulation 18 and Issues and Options Consultation will be considered in the HELAA’s next iteration

Green Belt

Use of current Green Belt land is considered in the consultation document -

Appendix 2 Green Belt Strategic options (p30)
shows areas near Chesham, Amersham ... being considered for housing
Appendix 5 - Strategic Employment Options.. (p45)
shows (similar) green belt areas near Chesham, considered for employment

This map shows the Green Belt assessment areas. Further details of some local greenbelt areas are

Amersham, Little Chalfont
Botley, Ley Hill
Lycrome Wood

How is Chesham affected ?

That should depend on the consultation. The society is considering the proposals and will make some recommendations about an appropriate response.

If you can help us to formulate this response - or for more information, please contact our planning team.

Green Belt

Should any of the Green Belt / AONB be used for housing ? This map shows the Chilterns AONB and Green Belt areas

Thanks to all who responded to our questionaire last year (2015). The society submitted this response to CDC, based on what we have learned.