Planning for Chesham

At the 2020 AGM, two new planning related initiatives were proposed -

A planning mailing list

Responding to planing applications is an important part of the societies activities, and we endeavour to represent the wishes of Chesham when doing so. However, we would have a better claim to represent Chesham if we first consulted our members regarding the proposals. If you would like to become involved in this process, please
sign up to our planning Email list. You are not obliged to comment on all applications, and are of course free to make submissions of your own, but responses from our members will help our submissions more representative, and so carry more weight with the planning committee.

Chartridge Lane obstructed by a lorry unloading at the 206-210 site

A planning Forum

The current planning system is heavily weighted agains individual objectors, who must expend considerable time and effort to oppose applications at neighbouring properties. Even worse is the disregard for the local environment and residents shown by many building contractors. The society aims to bring together those affected by these schemes, so that all may benefit from the experience of others. If you are affected by these or similar issues, or have advice to offer, please contact us. We hope to arrange the first meeting within a few weeks.