The River Chess

The state of the River Chess is a great concern to Chesham residents, and to this society.

Focus on the Chess

Forum held at Chesham Town Hall on 24th October 2017


Introduction    Paul Jennings, River Chess Association 
World Wildlife Fund - State of our Rivers Zoe Draisey World Wildlife Fund 
Angling Trust - “Joined up Thinking”  Martin Salter, Angling Trust 
Environment Agency - “Upper Chess Low Flow Study, an update”  Marta Pluta, Environment Agency
Affinity Water - “Water Efficiency”    Adam Warner and Jake Riggs, Affinity Water   
Thames Water - Chesham STW upgrade   Patrick Kiernan, Construction Manager for Eight2O 
Bucks County Council - “Road Drainage and Flood Risk”   Alex Back
High points - Barn Owls, Breeding Trout,Water Voles and Osprey Allen Beechey Chiltern Chalk Stream Project