HS2 - Summer 2017

HS2 Watch

The Chesham and Chiltern Societies have formed HS2 Watch, to monitor HS2 construction, and provide assistance to any residents wishing to complain about the conduct of HS2 or its contractors.

Chalk Streams and the Aquifer

Several meetings have been held to discuss the potential impacts of tunnelling on the aquifer, and any consequential damage to the rivers Chess and Misbourne. These are summarised here. The overall impression is that HS2 have not yet analysed their ground investigation (borehole) results, and do not understand the aquifer, but there is no clear mechanism to halt the tunnelling operation at the first sign of any problems. Discussions continue with HS2 Ltd and the Environment Agency.

The LEMP published

The first draft of the Local Environmental Management Plan has been published. HS2 remain in denial about the existence of Chesham - neither the Society or the Town Council are included in the list of Local Interest groups. Also, the LEMP refers to a realignment of the B485 which was cancelled as a result of the Chilterns Tunnel extension. See this correspondence with HS2, who promise to correct these errors.

The LEMP is just one of many plans and organisations which will control our existence during HS2 construction and beyond, with minimal public consultation- see this page for a full list.

Projects ?

The Chilterns AONB review group held a workshop in June to consider possible projects to 'compensate' for the impact of HS2. They have a budget of £3m - rather less than HS2 spend each week. One possibility under investigation is the creation of a cycle path to separate cyclists from construction traffic on the A413 - which might also attract support from the HS2 road safety fund.