18-Apr-2021 Bucks UA update

Local Government for Chesham

Administrative maps, showing all levels of government for Bucks, can be found on the Bucks CC website.

Parliamentary Constituency

Chesham is part of the Chesham and Amersham constituency, previously represented by (the late) Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP

Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority

The UA has established Community Boards for different areas - Chesham lies in the Chesham & Villages Community Board, which has formed working groups for these topics -

A list of members is linked from the community board page, and the boundaries are shown on the Maps page. Minutes of board meetings can be found here.

Buckinghamshire County Council

Since no elections have been held, District councillors continue to serve on the Unitary Authority

Chesham lies within Chiltern District, in the Chesham electoral division of Bucks CC,and is again represented by Mark Shaw, following the elections on 4th May 2017 (Results ). The surrounding divisions are Amersham, Chiltern Ridges and Chess Valley, which returned Gareth Williams, Patricia Birchley and Noel Brown. All Bucks councillors are listed on the Bucks CC website, as are the full election results.

Chiltern District

The Chiltern District ward maps are linked from this page. There are 8 wards representing Chesham and the immediate neighborhood; the representatives listed below were elected in 2015 - in italics, if they did not previously represent the ward


60 Chesham Bois and Weedon Hill Ward Mimi Harker, Graham Harris
61 St. Mary's and Waterside Ward Peter Hudson, Mike Stannard
67 Asheridge Vale and Lowndes Ward Alan Bacon, Jane MacBean
68 Hilltop and Townsend Ward Frederick Wilson, Emily Culverhouse
69 Ridgeway Ward Derek Lacey
70 Vale Ward Nick Varley
71 Newtown Ward Mark Shaw

Details of all CDC councillors can be found here.

Chesham Town Council

Chesham councillors are listed here, on the Council website. Chesham TC also provides a guide to "Which Council does What ?"