Bucks CC Development Management Consultation

"The draft ‘Development Management Policy: Managing the transport and travel impact of new developments’ aims to make sure that growth happens in the right way. Its policies will inform new developments and ensure they meet Buckinghamshire’s needs."

The policy documents provide a checklist for developers to follow, to "ensure their residual cumulative (transport) impacts are not severe" - which seems a fairly modest objective.

‘Transport Assessments and Statements can be used to establish whether the residual transport impacts of a proposed development are likely to be “severe”, which may be a reason for refusal, in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework.’ (p24)

A large number of developments each with moderate impact is all right ?

There is a rather short survey (deadline 25th September), which refers throughout to 'The Policy', although the consultation document lists 31 separate policies. "Do you agree that having this policy will make new developments better places to live, work and relax? " Read the document, fill in the survey and let them know.

Improvements at Chesham Sewage Works (soon ?)

Thames Water are carrying out improvements to the Chesham Sewage Treatment Works on Latimer Road in the near future (more)

June 2017 General Election

5 candidates contested Chesham and Amersham -

See GetBucks or mySociety for more details of the candidates.

Party Manifestos and policies relating to HS2, AONB and Green Belt development and the Environment can be found on the HS2 Amersham site.

Cheryl Gillan held the seat, with a (slightly) increased vote (results).

May 2017 County Election

See this page for the results in each (Bucks CC) ward (Chesham ward here).

Brown not Green have obtained statements from the four Chesham candidates, regarding the proposed Green Belt development at Lye Green.

River Chess Association

Some progress with Chesham sewage works - see press release

CDC 'Green Belt' consultation

This has now closed. Watch this space for future developments.


The documents referred to on page 11 of the December (2016) issue are not actually on this website, but can probably be reached from our Local Plan pages. They are

The traffic figures on page 14 are from the Local Plan modelling support document, pages 13-14 for Chesham:-

(Any organisation quoting percentages to 2 decimal places, on a 20 year traffic projection, clearly has a limited understanding of the accuracy their results) That said, the prediction does not look promising for the town.

Local plan

Latest Newsletter from 'Brown not Green' (Lye Green residents) - including help in responding to the latest consultation on use of Green Belt land for housing

See also forthcoming meetings, and the Local Plan page

HS2 - latest

See Campaigns page for a review of 2015, and current status

The Chesham Society mentioned in Parliament -

Our MP Cheryl Gillan mentioned the work of the Society, in connection with the traffic data released in support of latest amendments to the Hybrid Bill (AP4) - see "HS2 mismanagement and mistakes", (or They Work for You entry)