'Statement of Community Involvement'
Consultation - to 6th April

The purpose of a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is to explain how we will involve local communities at each stage of the planning process. Creating and publishing an SCI is a legal requirement for all planning authorities.

See Brown not Green news and The Beaconsfield Society for a description of some of the problems with these proposals.

The Consultation on the web site is worth looking at but is hard work and confusingly worded so here is the quick and easy way to submit a consultation response based on The Beaconsfield Society's recommendations:- 

Please note that all voting age members of a family and residents could complete a separate email

You email To:   planningpolicyteam.bc@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

The Subject:   Consultation Response - Statement of Community Involvement Consultation 22/3/2021

In the email you could put : -  

 I propose the following amendments in this consultation :-

Plan Preparation Stage : Keep the items headed WE WILL and change the items headed WE MAY  to  WE WILL  :

We will :
- get in touch with consultees to say we intend to produce a Local Plan and invite them to say what they think it should contain.
- advertise our intentions to produce a Local Plan , including a notification on the Council's website, so that  the public and organisations may register their interest; and
- issue information through press releases

We will : (changed from we may)
- prepare specific platforms so that people get involved interactively ;
- publish a draft plan for  public consultation;
- create online surveys through "Your Voice Bucks";
- prepare newsletters, leaflets and response forms, where appropriate;
- hold events, exhibitions and briefings - face to face or online;
- engage town and parish councils and other stakeholders through workshops and forums; and
- reach out through social media and online video recordings

ADD ; We will not over rule a Neighbourhood Plan Examiner  unless the Neighbourhood agrees.by referendum

Planning Applications : Change the items headed WE MAY  to  WE WILL :

We will :
- display a planning notice near the application site;
- post letters to neighbours around the application site ;
- publish a press notice;
- notify towns or parish councils;
- consult with other organisations such as the Environmental Agency, Natural England etc where applicable;
- encourage people to set up notifications for applications through the Council's website; and
-  publicise a weekly list of planning applications via public channels.


Sign off with :    Resident   name & address with post code at the end.