Special General Meeting

The Special General Meeting will be held at Chesham Town Hall,
on July 25th 2019 at 7:30 pm

The main business will be the election of a new, legitimate, committee whose intention is to re-launch The Chesham Society under a new chairmanship.


  1. Election of a Chairman (of the meeting)
  2. Changes to the Constitution, to reduce the size of the Executive Committee.

    The committee has not had the ten members required by the Constitution for many years. These changes are proposed, so that the new committee can be elected in compliance with the constitution. The full document, showing the proposed changes, is available here.

  3. Election of a new Executive Committee
    1. Chairman
    2. Vice Chairman
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Two to Six Ordinary Members. Should more than six members stand for election, the six obtaining the most votes will be elected.

    Should you wish to stand, please contact the vice chairman to discuss which positions might be suitable. A nomination form for election to the society may be found here.
    NB Candidates, proposers and seconders must be paid up members of the society, as must all those voting at the SGM.

  4. The Future of the Society

    The remaining Committee members regret the fact that it has taken so long to revive the Society, as was requested at the AGM in January. This meeting is a first step towards addressing the situation. While we have ideas of our own for the future direction and future activities, any suggestions from the meeting would be very welcome.
    However, it remains the case that activities are limited by the number of committee members, and the time which is available to organise them. The committee needs support from the membership, either as elected members of the committee, or as assistants in specific areas. The organisation of events, and the production of the Focus magazine are just two examples of activities which need further resources.

  5. Any Other Business

    If you anticipate raising any items under this heading, please notify the vice chairman, so that we can allow sufficient time for discussion.